Kissing your Ash Goodbye

Not Getting Enough of Something You Don’t Want

Addiction is described as “not getting enough of something you don’t want.” Haven’t you ever felt like that with cigarettes? The smell, the sneaking around, the shame and guilt, that sneaking feeling that it’s all going to catch up to you some day… Well, we here at Best Order Cigarettes are dedicated to helping you find the best ecig resources on the market.

Vendors and Products

We welcome recommendations to this site. If you would like to be included on this website, please go here. **We will only feature products that are directly related to or are ancillary to the ecigarette industry.**

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White Teeth as a Smoker and Dental Hygiene

Important Dental Hygiene Tips

Good dental hygiene is essential for maintaining your overall oral health. If you take the time to apply some regular dentine hygiene habits, then you will have stronger, healthier teeth and gums – and ultimately a winning smile. In this guide, we’re going to share several important dental hygiene tips, so let’s begin.

Tip 1 – don’t forget to floss

While most people have a regular habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, few people remember to floss, and this can have a significantly detrimental effect on your oral hygiene.

Keep in mind that regular flossing goes a long way towards removing any stuck food particles or substances which can cause plaque to develop. What’s more, the bristles of your toothbrush will not be able to shift this debris, so flossing at least once a day is essential.

Tip 2 – get plenty of calcium

One of the most important minerals you need for good dental health is calcium. These days, getting enough calcium in your diet has never been easier – and if you can consume milk, yoghurt, cheese, or even broccoli – you should be able to get plenty calcium in your diet. However, if you’re concerned that you are not getting enough, then it’s wise to take a calcium supplement.

Tip 3 – use mouthwash

Another fantastic way to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and ultimately support stronger teeth (not to mention fresher breath!) is to use mouthwash.

Overall, the ingredients in mouthwash are highly effective at reducing the buildup of bacteria which can lead to plaque and tartar formation. In fact, multiple studies have shown that people who use mouthwash regularly have less plaque than those who don’t – so it’s certainly a good addition to any dental hygiene routine.

Tip 4 – clean your tongue

Did you know that your tongue is host to a wide variety of bacteria which can be detrimental to your dental hygiene? Not only are these bacteria responsible for halitosis, but they can also encourage further bacteria to develop which may affect your teeth.

Nowadays, many toothbrushes will come with a tongue cleaner on the opposite side – and this is a very useful tool to use at least once a day, or whenever you brush your teeth. Especially important if you’re considering getting braces at some point.


Overall, taking care of your dental hygiene is very important – and people who fail to do this often live to regret it. But if you take the time to follow the tips and advice in this guide, then you can rest assured you will be successfully maintaining your teeth for many years to come.

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Warehousing your Ecommerce Product in Los Angeles for Increased Profit

Just because you have that perfect domain name doesn’t mean you’re going to make all the money in the world. list of warehousing company clientsIf you run a business, specifically a business that ships and receives goods and products to your customers, then you’re well aware of the shipping “down times” you face whenever you get a shipment from over seas. Why? Because once the product hits one of the major West Coast ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach, then it’s another few weeks on the road to wherever your warehouse is.. maybe even the east coast. If this is your case, then you might want to continue reading this post highlighting warehousing at the One Word Direct location in the LA area.

Shipping from Los Angeles Warehousing Companies Makes Sense

Since your product is already in the LA area, it might be a good idea to just have it brought to a local commercial building so there’s easy access to your goods within a short distance from the international port. Is your mind already starting to turn? Are you already thinking of the amazing drop in lead times by having your product ready to ship to your customers a week, two weeks or even three weeks quicker than you’re currently waiting for freight? This is one of the greatest advances in supply chain management since the internet. But it’s often overlooked. Many folks would rather just have their product on the long road across the country so they can physically inspect the product themselves. But what if there was someone who had your business in mind and acted just as you would when your product hit their dock? Think of the time you could save and the money you could make by streamlining this little unseen blind spot you may have in your business.

Reducing National ecommerce / supply chain management lead times

One of the biggest unseen costs for businesses that ship goods to customers is the down time the products have in shipping. When this process gets streamlined, it’s usually something that can add fifteen per cent to the revenue of the business. This is usually taken care of by a good supply chain management company who can help mitigate down times in this way. If this sounds like something you might like to learn more about, then I suggest doing some research around what some of your competitors who seem to be doing better than you are doing. Getting your supply chain management systems tightened up can be one of the greatest things a growing business can consider coming into the New Year. Chances are, you’ll find that there are some great partners they’ve connected with for their fulfillment services. For more information, visit One World Direct’s main website at

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Branding Ideas for Storefronts and Retailers

It doesn’t matter of you’re selling the best tasting doughnuts or the most amazing looking ecigs the world has ever seen. If you’ve got a crappy atmosphere, you’re seriously limiting yourself when it comes to getting more customers. People like being in places that make them feel comfortable – and if this rings true to you also, as in you like when businesses have prepared for your visit, then you need to think the same way about your visit.

Branding in the electronic world has become super important. You should be bringing the same design intent to your storefront as you are to your website so there is no disconnection with what your customers see online compared to what they see when they decide to come walking right in to your store. There are a few really good ways you can get this kind of awesomeness conveyed to your clients when they come in. One of the most overlooked things you could do is get personalized wall decals to match the motif of your store, these should include some kind of branded text along with some of your key slogans etc… that match what people see on your website. You could also consider some stickers instead of the gratuitous pictures in frames or other artwork that usually has to be screwed to the wall so it doesn’t get stolen. A vinyl decal sticks on and not that it would be too hard to grab, it would just be rather conspicuous if someone was going to grab it and walk out with it. You might even consider having some of your testimonials or reviews made into quotes you could put on your wall! There’s a smokin’ good idea.

personalized decals and stickers

Careful with your branding voice

Not your inside voice, but the voice you use to tell your branding story to the world. If you want to convey trust and relevance to your audience, make sure to use the same voice with all your messaging from the website, to the walls, to anything people see when they encounter your brand.

Your brand encounters that people have should leave a positive feeling after a good experience. Getting this kind of relevance to your business is required if you are to grow it into other markets so you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are available to your competitors, and now are becoming yours.

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Thinking of Traveling the World? Do it Smoke-Free

When you consider that there are a ton of options for traveling the world, you might only want to visit the places where they speak English. But where can you go to get a totally “other-worldly” sense during your travels yet still be in an English speaking country? The answer: Europe. There are some amazing tours of major attractions around Europe, such as taking an Irish castle vacation. There’s an idea for you and your princess – a trip she’ll never forget. While traveling through Ireland, you’ll find that not only do they speak English, it’s a rather pleasant accent. The same holds true if you travel to Scotland. One thing to prepare yourself for if you happened to be a smoker at one time, however, there is a much higher concentration of people who smoke – and indoors – whilst you visit either of those places.

You’ll still run into smokers in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean you need to pick the habit back up!

Luxury Travel Accommodations in Europe

When you’re traveling the world like the sexy globe-trotter you are, why not do it in luxury? There are a number of luxury tours of Ireland and Scotland, and just about anywhere else in Europe that will have you feeling like a Celtic king in no time. And your lady? She’ll become the princess or queen she’s always dreamed of when she waltzes into a real life ancient castle built anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years ago. What an amazing opportunity to do something great for yourself in this life. As they say, “life is for the living.”

So while you’re enjoying some extra money in your pocket because you’ve quit smoking and have a lot more energy, consider saving the money to take the trip. Or just grab your major credit card and book today. We’ll be sure to keep the good recommendations coming for ideas and opportunities to experience life outside the ordinary, and vacations beyond beaches and margaritas (although those vacations are absolutely amazing as well :))

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Cancer Research for Cigarette Smokers

Cancer research and the entire cancer industry has reached $1,000,000,000,000, yes that is one trillion dollars… yet we still don’t have a “cure.” It has been a long time coming that scientists who are doing the research have become closer to finding a cure because of better reagent supplies that are offered in the marketplace for informing the research. But what is to be said of prevention? If you go back 100 years, not one in a hundred people came down with cancer at some point in their life, but today it is one in two (in the United States).

Cancer Research Tools and Technology

The ancillary industry around cancer research has been growing and growing and the technology and information doubles every 18 months. So if we as a society are spending so many resources and using so many top scientists to do the research, why don’t we either have a cure or an immunization? I think this is a valid question that needs answers. To go further in to this, I want to present two types of cancer research centered around prevention and cure.

Curing Cancer

cancer research and technologiesCancer is not – or should not be a death sentence. So far, the best options one has if diagnosed are radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. All of these wear down the immune system, which makes the body even more susceptible to a cancer relapse. In the East, say Japan, it is said that when someone gets cancer, in their minds it’s not any more of a weight than a diagnosis  of the flu. Why? Evidently they are in to treating the whole person, body – soul and mind. When taking a holistic approach to curing any sickness or disease it is always best not to isolate parts of the body as the troubled parts but to look at the body as a complete organism which needs to be treated for an imbalance. I believe that with all our research around cancer we should do way better than to come up with a “band aid” approach that damages the body.

Preventing Cancer

Doing something easy like giving up smoking or quitting drinking soda is a good way to get the body into a better health homeostasis. Even watching the foods one eats or the kinds of places one lives in or a host of other lifestyle choices can all prevent cancer. There is plenty of research that has been privately funded around natural cancer cures and preventions, but for some odd reason, here in the USA if it is not “FDA” approved, then we simply disregard it. But why should anyone trust the FDA – the same organization who allows fluoride to be poured into our drinking water? Fluoride is a dangerous toxin that causes cancer and death. Yes, it is good for teeth but not for bodies. This is only one example but there are hundreds as to why we should become independent thinkers when it comes to our own well-being. Why not do some research on your own. Go to Google and search for “Killing Cancer not People” – it’s a great book that I have read which sheds some major light on some very dark places in our world – as it relates to cancer. For Best Order Cigs, have a great and safe Christmas!

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Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

Get Your Finances in order BEFORE “Black Friday

You’re probably thinking about the gifts you’re going to be purchasing for those loved ones this year. It’s a good time to start getting your finances in order so you don’t end up in a pile of trouble in January. There are some great deals on not just ecigs but all kinds of gadgets and gifts available now through Black Friday so you could spend $1,000 now on the same merchandise that might cost $1,500 or more after Black Friday. Before going into debt this year, it’s a good idea to talk to a fast credit recovery service |   who can make sure that those gifts don’t keep on giving you the “gift” grief after the season. Do this so you can make a lot more “good” purchases with your credit this year without having to pay so much in interest. It’s not too late, the average campaign takes 3-6 months so the best time to get started was yesterday :)

This year’s recommendations for the Smoker in your life

Perhaps you have several people on your list that are or were smokers? Help them to kiss their ashes goodbye with some of the new offerings from the ecig world. Did you know that smoking is related to many other diseases besides just lung cancer? There are disorders that affect the entire body, and can even lead to loss of eyesight! I know a woman who got LASIK in Detroit because of the degeneration of her eyesight, and it did help but she’s still smoking. Some people just don’t learn their lesson.

There are plenty of reasons to get stocked up early on ecigs right now before the buying frenzy happens. Most companies who manufacture ecigs will be releasing new products in early November just in time for the buying season – but the new vapers on your list won’t know the difference between a 2014 model from the 2015 model because the technology will be new and fresh to them. Not only so, but the prices on the older models are on sale right now as manufacturers and retailers make room for the new stock. That’s why we recommend getting all your finances in order now before it’s too late. Kanger will be launching their new EVOD soon and it’s going to be basically the same as it has been for the last few years except for a new look. Not worth waiting to pay the highest price over.

Our top recommendations are:

Kanger EVOD
Vamo V5 Starter Kit
Anything INNOKIN
and of course the dry herb vaporizer for “that guy” on your list.

So get on the ball early this year and make good purchases for Christmas and you’ll be not only a good santa, but a HAPPY SANTA.

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