Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

Get Your Finances in order BEFORE “Black Friday

You’re probably thinking about the gifts you’re going to be purchasing for those loved ones this year. It’s a good time to start getting your finances in order so you don’t end up in a pile of trouble in January. There are some great deals on not just ecigs but all kinds of gadgets and gifts available now through Black Friday so you could spend $1,000 now on the same merchandise that might cost $1,500 or more after Black Friday. Before going into debt this year, it’s a good idea to talk to a fast credit recovery service |   who can make sure that those gifts don’t keep on giving you the “gift” grief after the season. Do this so you can make a lot more “good” purchases with your credit this year without having to pay so much in interest. It’s not too late, the average campaign takes 3-6 months so the best time to get started was yesterday :)

This year’s recommendations for the Smoker in your life

Perhaps you have several people on your list that are or were smokers? Help them to kiss their ashes goodbye with some of the new offerings from the ecig world. Did you know that smoking is related to many other diseases besides just lung cancer? There are disorders that affect the entire body, and can even lead to loss of eyesight! I know a woman who got LASIK in Detroit because of the degeneration of her eyesight, and it did help but she’s still smoking. Some people just don’t learn their lesson.

There are plenty of reasons to get stocked up early on ecigs right now before the buying frenzy happens. Most companies who manufacture ecigs will be releasing new products in early November just in time for the buying season – but the new vapers on your list won’t know the difference between a 2014 model from the 2015 model because the technology will be new and fresh to them. Not only so, but the prices on the older models are on sale right now as manufacturers and retailers make room for the new stock. That’s why we recommend getting all your finances in order now before it’s too late. Kanger will be launching their new EVOD soon and it’s going to be basically the same as it has been for the last few years except for a new look. Not worth waiting to pay the highest price over.

Our top recommendations are:

Kanger EVOD
Vamo V5 Starter Kit
Anything INNOKIN
and of course the dry herb vaporizer for “that guy” on your list.

So get on the ball early this year and make good purchases for Christmas and you’ll be not only a good santa, but a HAPPY SANTA.

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