Cancer Research for Cigarette Smokers

Cancer research and the entire cancer industry has reached $1,000,000,000,000, yes that is one trillion dollars… yet we still don’t have a “cure.” It has been a long time coming that scientists who are doing the research have become closer to finding a cure because of better reagent supplies that are offered in the marketplace for informing the research. But what is to be said of prevention? If you go back 100 years, not one in a hundred people came down with cancer at some point in their life, but today it is one in two (in the United States).

Cancer Research Tools and Technology

The ancillary industry around cancer research has been growing and growing and the technology and information doubles every 18 months. So if we as a society are spending so many resources and using so many top scientists to do the research, why don’t we either have a cure or an immunization? I think this is a valid question that needs answers. To go further in to this, I want to present two types of cancer research centered around prevention and cure.

Curing Cancer

cancer research and technologiesCancer is not – or should not be a death sentence. So far, the best options one has if diagnosed are radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. All of these wear down the immune system, which makes the body even more susceptible to a cancer relapse. In the East, say Japan, it is said that when someone gets cancer, in their minds it’s not any more of a weight than a diagnosis¬† of the flu. Why? Evidently they are in to treating the whole person, body – soul and mind. When taking a holistic approach to curing any sickness or disease it is always best not to isolate parts of the body as the troubled parts but to look at the body as a complete organism which needs to be treated for an imbalance. I believe that with all our research around cancer we should do way better than to come up with a “band aid” approach that damages the body.

Preventing Cancer

Doing something easy like giving up smoking or quitting drinking soda is a good way to get the body into a better health homeostasis. Even watching the foods one eats or the kinds of places one lives in or a host of other lifestyle choices can all prevent cancer. There is plenty of research that has been privately funded around natural cancer cures and preventions, but for some odd reason, here in the USA if it is not “FDA” approved, then we simply disregard it. But why should anyone trust the FDA – the same organization who allows fluoride to be poured into our drinking water? Fluoride is a dangerous toxin that causes cancer and death. Yes, it is good for teeth but not for bodies. This is only one example but there are hundreds as to why we should become independent thinkers when it comes to our own well-being. Why not do some research on your own. Go to Google and search for “Killing Cancer not People” – it’s a great book that I have read which sheds some major light on some very dark places in our world – as it relates to cancer. For Best Order Cigs, have a great and safe Christmas!

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