Branding Ideas for Storefronts and Retailers

It doesn’t matter of you’re selling the best tasting doughnuts or the most amazing looking ecigs the world has ever seen. If you’ve got a crappy atmosphere, you’re seriously limiting yourself when it comes to getting more customers. People like being in places that make them feel comfortable – and if this rings true to you also, as in you like when businesses have prepared for your visit, then you need to think the same way about your visit.

Branding in the electronic world has become super important. You should be bringing the same design intent to your storefront as you are to your website so there is no disconnection with what your customers see online compared to what they see when they decide to come walking right in to your store. There are a few really good ways you can get this kind of awesomeness conveyed to your clients when they come in. One of the most overlooked things you could do is get personalized wall decals to match the motif of your store, these should include some kind of branded text along with some of your key slogans etc… that match what people see on your website. You could also consider some stickers instead of the gratuitous pictures in frames or other artwork that usually has to be screwed to the wall so it doesn’t get stolen. A vinyl decal sticks on and not that it would be too hard to grab, it would just be rather conspicuous if someone was going to grab it and walk out with it. You might even consider having some of your testimonials or reviews made into quotes you could put on your wall! There’s a smokin’ good idea.

personalized decals and stickers

Careful with your branding voice

Not your inside voice, but the voice you use to tell your branding story to the world. If you want to convey trust and relevance to your audience, make sure to use the same voice with all your messaging from the website, to the walls, to anything people see when they encounter your brand.

Your brand encounters that people have should leave a positive feeling after a good experience. Getting this kind of relevance to your business is required if you are to grow it into other markets so you can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are available to your competitors, and now are becoming yours.

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