Thinking of Traveling the World? Do it Smoke-Free

When you consider that there are a ton of options for traveling the world, you might only want to visit the places where they speak English. But where can you go to get a totally “other-worldly” sense during your travels yet still be in an English speaking country? The answer: Europe. There are some amazing tours of major attractions around Europe, such as taking an Irish castle vacation. There’s an idea for you and your princess – a trip she’ll never forget. While traveling through Ireland, you’ll find that not only do they speak English, it’s a rather pleasant accent. The same holds true if you travel to Scotland. One thing to prepare yourself for if you happened to be a smoker at one time, however, there is a much higher concentration of people who smoke – and indoors – whilst you visit either of those places.

You’ll still run into smokers in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean you need to pick the habit back up!

Luxury Travel Accommodations in Europe

When you’re traveling the world like the sexy globe-trotter you are, why not do it in luxury? There are a number of luxury tours of Ireland and Scotland, and just about anywhere else in Europe that will have you feeling like a Celtic king in no time. And your lady? She’ll become the princess or queen she’s always dreamed of when she waltzes into a real life ancient castle built anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years ago. What an amazing opportunity to do something great for yourself in this life. As they say, “life is for the living.”

So while you’re enjoying some extra money in your pocket because you’ve quit smoking and have a lot more energy, consider saving the money to take the trip. Or just grab your major credit card and book today. We’ll be sure to keep the good recommendations coming for ideas and opportunities to experience life outside the ordinary, and vacations beyond beaches and margaritas (although those vacations are absolutely amazing as well :))

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