Warehousing your Ecommerce Product in Los Angeles for Increased Profit

Just because you have that perfect domain name doesn’t mean you’re going to make all the money in the world. list of warehousing company clientsIf you run a business, specifically a business that ships and receives goods and products to your customers, then you’re well aware of the shipping “down times” you face whenever you get a shipment from over seas. Why? Because once the product hits one of the major West Coast ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach, then it’s another few weeks on the road to wherever your warehouse is.. maybe even the east coast. If this is your case, then you might want to continue reading this post highlighting warehousing at the One Word Direct location in the LA area.

Shipping from Los Angeles Warehousing Companies Makes Sense

Since your product is already in the LA area, it might be a good idea to just have it brought to a local commercial building so there’s easy access to your goods within a short distance from the international port. Is your mind already starting to turn? Are you already thinking of the amazing drop in lead times by having your product ready to ship to your customers a week, two weeks or even three weeks quicker than you’re currently waiting for freight? This is one of the greatest advances in supply chain management since the internet. But it’s often overlooked. Many folks would rather just have their product on the long road across the country so they can physically inspect the product themselves. But what if there was someone who had your business in mind and acted just as you would when your product hit their dock? Think of the time you could save and the money you could make by streamlining this little unseen blind spot you may have in your business.

Reducing National ecommerce / supply chain management lead times

One of the biggest unseen costs for businesses that ship goods to customers is the down time the products have in shipping. When this process gets streamlined, it’s usually something that can add fifteen per cent to the revenue of the business. This is usually taken care of by a good supply chain management company who can help mitigate down times in this way. If this sounds like something you might like to learn more about, then I suggest doing some research around what some of your competitors who seem to be doing better than you are doing. Getting your supply chain management systems tightened up can be one of the greatest things a growing business can consider coming into the New Year. Chances are, you’ll find that there are some great partners they’ve connected with for their fulfillment services. For more information, visit One World Direct’s main website at

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